Training - Areas of intervention

EQS provides professional training courses aimed at enhancing skills through the verification of learning and the implementation of the topics in question.

The collaboration with the company is developed by customizing the courses, as well as figuring out how to deliver them (face-to-face, remotely or in a blended modality) and assisting the company representatives throughout the whole process: starting from the analysis of the training needs to the delivery of the training activity, up to the entire reporting management


Comprehensive training offer of all compulsory workplace health and safety courses according to Legislative Decree 81/2008 and the corresponding state-regions agreements.

  • Employer’s RSPP
  • RSPP
  • RLS
  • Safety coordinator during the design and execution phases
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Employees
  • Emergency and firefighting officers
  • First aid
  • Other specific roles


I corsi di formazione sui Sistemi di Gestione hanno lo scopo di fornire gli strumenti metodologici per introdurre nei processi aziendali, principi e strategie orientati al miglioramento continuo delle capacità organizzative, per garantire la soddisfazione del cliente

Internal auditor

The Internal auditor course aims at training and qualifying business experts who wish to audit the Q-S-A Management Systems of their own company (first party audit) and/or of their suppliers (second party audit).


The third-party auditor course, complemented by an appropriate qualification process granted by an accredited certification body, is a binding prerequisite for being able to act as an auditor svolgere il ruolo di Auditor on behalf of a certification body.

Risk Management

Specific training aimed at providing knowledge and skills risk identification, analysis and management.


Preparation of ad-hoc training projects, designed according to the concrete needs of customers, differentiating between training for general employees, for specific risk areas employees, for the supervisory body and for internal control officers.


Courses on privacy management are aimed at deepening certain topics and principles of the European Regulation (GDPR) as well as at training professionals such as the Data Protection Officer.

Financed training