Management Software

Scheduling/ Recordings Storage Service

EQS supports its clients with a cloud-based tool for managing OSH deadlines and documents (health surveillance, PPE, training, risk assessments, etc.).

The application can be used exclusively as a service with different levels of functionality.

The basic functions allow for the consultation of information related to OSH in a 24-hour mode via a web browser without any need for installation or configuration of devices (PC, tablet, mobile).

The picture shows the EQO home page, accessible after prior authentication, from which it is possible to query the database in the cloud.

To facilitate the use of the tool, three types of users have been created:

  • Basic users who have read-only access and can download attachments (e.g. transcripts, course attendance certificates, health surveillance results or protective equipment assignments)
  • Providers who can enter and modify data in the database
  • Administrators who are part of the EQS staff and have the permissions to modify the database structure or to perform data remediation upon request and prior approval of the customer.

The service also includes an email notification of deadlines to those accountable as specified by the customer.
For example, a daily email will be sent to remind them of health surveillance visits or of certificates due the following month for which renewal has not yet been scheduled.

The macro-functions described above allow for different uses of the service:

  1. The customer prefers not to interact with the tool but wants to be updated via notifications on deadlines and actions taken.
    In this case EQS will update, check and provide the requested documentation via email.

  2. The customer just wants to be able to independently query the database and get updates.
    In this case the customer will have a basic user account through which they can also download the documentation directly while EQS will take care of updating the data.

  3. The customer can fully manage the database by updating it autonomously.
    The customer will be provided with an account manager and will be able to ask EQS for support during the updating operations.

EQS also provides customisation services of the tool and consequently of the service,
whose assessment is subject to a joint requirements analysis with the customer/user.